Presentation to Nifty Gateway

I’ve been studying a variety of NFT sites, looking for just the right fit. I think NG is it. The association with Gemini is excellent, and your handling of both crypto and fiat currency is very wise and audience expanding.

I’d like to prepare an initial drop with you as part of your Curated Drops. I think “Damaged Flowers” is a good name and might make an excellent drop in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day — but any time would work.

I’m not sure what frequency of drops is ideal. I have a few flights in the wings awaiting the right opportunity, including a series of variations on the US flag, works based on an abandoned steel mill in Pittsburgh, work based on religious altars, and a series called “Impossible Clouds”.

Here below is a mock-up/draft of ideas for the Damaged Flowers drop page and email. I want to work with you all to provide as much or as little help as you like in constructing and positioning the drops. I’ve also included larger versions of the pieces and a short video.

I look forward to working you. (That’s more than a salutation. I really do look forward to it.)


Here’s a closer look at those images:

Here’s a short video in which I describe something of my work and process in about a minute.