Diving Board

Diving Board is a sort of word cloud with links to a wide range of stuff I’ve made over the ages. This is like wandering around in Paul’s media sub-basement, picking up a little box with an odd label and finding a link to some curious thing. Just mouse around and click on a random phrase below to see what you get. (Once you're inside, not every link will go someplace or work - especially forms and external links. That's the nature of a legacy system.)

4'33''  Aggravated Manslaughter  Agrigento  astronomy gears  bball  before sunset  beneath the slanted rim  big pipe forces  birthday  black dress  blue  born laughing  Brecht  bridge  buns  bush and barret  ca  Captain Kangaroo  Cheerful Dweebs  Ciotat  clouds  Columbus east  commencement  Commons  connect the dots  corn farm  counting pebbles  Credenza  cyclotron  dead cars  deep link  delicio  distracted  dogwood  dream of order  economic collapse t-shirts  economics  electric chair  Elegy  elvis  enhancing fallen tree  fall leaves  fantasy  first church  flexible  Fortress  free parking  ghosts of the forest  Glassy  great  happy  harbor's edge  hexagramaton  hides  hot-pink  Hubba Hubba  I killed it  idioms  imagination  insurance  into the trees  intuitive synthesis  i own me  irony   james dean's grave  kitchen  knotty patterns   Lamasery  landbridge  Landing  learn purity  lego haiku  lite art  living in grey twilight  lotus not lily  Mahabarata  mays flowers  mindless chattering internal monolog  money  music for modern office 1  music for modern office 2  national starch  new company logo  Norfolk  Octaves  open  orchid  Oreos  Owning Time  Painted Stumps  party minus one  party  patterns  premiere  phoems  Picasso  pix  political language  professions of dictators  pure research  rden center  real  Remix  rolling stock  salary doubler  Schrödinger's Cat  sci-fi shelving  Scott Joplin killed  scrolls  semiotics  shiva  shotglass  Sicilian Grasses  small falls  Smart Shopper  soft breathing  species  springy  stadium of memory  strange noise  sumac  Sumerian taxes  table  tattoo  The Stand  this rock  time  Trains of June  tulip trestle  turkey run  under construction  Virge  water  where and why  winch  Witness  wood stone  wooden spoon   woods  Y79 

A somewhat more organized set of links to some archives can be found here.