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For Lauren, Angela, Soni,

Submissions for the new IU Health Bloomington Hospital
sorted by themes

Here are a bunch of my photoremixes. Some of the photoremixes could be in a couple different categories. For instance, views of the sky through a tree could be in Sky or Forest. Some dogwood remixes could be Garden, Forest, or Lake.

Size and Price: Sizes range from around 16″x20″ to 32″x40″. The smaller pieces are about $1/square inch, and the larger pieces are about $0.75 / square inch. A few pieces could be printed very large — wall sized. All will be signed, one-of-a-kind, mounted, archival digital prints. Double-click on any image below for an enlargement.

Let me know which images you’re interested in and I can nail down the exact size/price options.


Some of the remixes jump out of the standard rectangular box. The last four remixes in this section can be very large if you like.



For the garden theme I’m also looking at photoremixes of the Bloomington Farmers Market as well as photos of garden flowers.


Most of the remixes below are based on photos taken within 5 miles of the new hospital location. The last remix below can be very large.


Here are some pieces based on photos of the Wood Stone Mill — a stone mill like those that often accompany quarries. The mills are part of the regional quarry heritage. The last two remixes below can be very large.


I frequently walk along stream beds taking pictures of the ripples, rocks, and currents. The last 4 images can be very large.

Thanks for letting me make this presentation to you. I can be reached at 317-334-0177, or paul@paulsmedberg.com