Barbara Slavin - from the series: Washington Week in Remix photo remix by Paul Smedberg

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About this piece:

I’m a big fan of Washington Week in Review. I usually watch it on the little TV in the kitchen. And, often as not, I shoot photographs of the TV screen. I’ve shot a bunch of photos in the kitchen, one day I’ll shoot the frozen orange juice container, another day, usually Fridays, I shoot the TV. Somebody has copyrighted the graphics on the OJ can. Somebody else has copyrighted the TV program. Is it Fair Use to remix an OJ can or a PBS news program? I think so.

So, I’ve made a portrait of someone, in this case Barbara Slavin, who I don’t know. I’ve done a bit of research, since making the piece, and she seems to be an accomplished journalist specializing in foreign policy and the middle/near east. Her resume is pretty impressive and all, but that’s not why I’ve created a portrait of her. I made this because her image was in my kitchen repeatedly between 8:00 and 8:26pm on Friday, June 19, 2009, while I was being “snap happy”, taking lots of pictures in a short period of time.






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