Indiana War Memorial photo remix by Paul Smedberg

Edition of 5
Only 5 prints of this work
will ever be made.
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Signed and numbered
by the artist.

Certificate of authenticity, initialed by the artist, attached to each print.





About this piece:

The source images for the above assemblage were shot inside the Indiana War Memorialin Indianapolis – a weirdly creepy-cool place. Well worth a visit if you are – or can be for an afternoon – a fan of regalia as an expression of group affinity.

The inside of the monument is very church-like. But where an architypal church has a long, tall nave which one enters at ground level from the rear, this memorial is approached up a long flight of stairs which opens onto a square room that is perhaps eight stories tall. In the room, the focus is a central monument beneath a stylized starry sky. 

What am I looking at?
The flag part of the assemblage is a shot up under a flag hanging on a pole. The dark-starbursted light-blue starry dudes are light fixtures in the ceiling of the monument — lovingly suffused with blurry marshal ornamentation.






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